Saturday, 4 February 2017

Top 25 Funny Wi-Fi Network Names

Many people are familiar with the schedule: You take out your laptop or mobile in a new city or unique place cafe, hotel lobby or maybe your in-laws' guest bedroom and start looking for free wi-fi networks to hijack.

It's one of the slightly stealthy pleasures of modern living. Reacting to this era of wi-fi promiscuity, an interesting trend has emerged in wi-fi naming conventions. Alternatively than go with the default network assignation, people are customizing their wi-fi name, knowing full well that friends, neighbors and passersby are scanning for free wi-fi access all the time. Apparently, it had been stylish in college or university dorms for years, with most brands unfit for print in a family digital culture blog.

Click around enough, and you should find plenty of websites, websites and Tweets threads dedicated to the art of the funny wi-fi name. We've applied our patent-pending, proprietary algorithm to the issue and hereby present Digital Crave's Primary Annual Top 25 Funny Wi-Fi Network Names, with hyperlinked annotations as necessary.

Please post your own discoveries, or masterpieces, in the field below.

  1. DIY-Dom
  2. Trauma Junkie
  3. Promised LAN
  4. Clever Mind Burner
  5. Pretty Fly
  6. Strict Daddy
  7. BBC-for-your-woman
  8. I am junk cleaner
  9. Creative Gate
  10. WiFi go hard
  11. Find me we can split the bill
  12. Bomb.
  13. NSA data collection
  14. Better you lost
  15. What the hell
  16. Don’t follow me
  17. Never Ever
  18. Anything Else
  19. Really Shocked
  20. You are dismiss
  21. You must be clever
  22. You are fired
  23. Niggas next door
  24. SurveillenceVan3
  25. Where are $
To make your WiFi Network name more secure you should also add "_nomap_optout" to the end of it.  This prevents Windows 10 for sharing it and Google from indexing it.

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